Accountancy – the best job in the world…..

Accountancy – the best job in the world…..

It seems that Monty Python’s portrayal of Chartered Accountants has been well and truly assigned to history. A recent survey of 5,000 UK workers by Liverpool Victoria, a financial mutual, found that being an Accountant is apparently the best job in the world. 

Do you agree?  When respondents were asked to score their profession on job security, training and salary in line with responsibility and opportunities to progress, Accountancy scored higher than any of the other 60 professions in the survey.

Job security, a decent pay package, manageable work-life balance and low stress, were what workers valued most from a job.  Indeed, stress levels for Accountants were seen as moderate compared to other careers. The next best jobs according to the survey were teacher, engineer, charity worker, and IT technician.

And as an added bonus for our profession, the LV survey found that Accountants' average salary of £38,283 is 44% higher than the UK average of (£26,464).

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The results of the survey, listed the following as the 10 most important features of a job for all workers in 2013:

1. Job security (74%)
2. Good pay in line with responsibility (60%)
3. Reasonable working hours (59%)
4. Not too much stress and pressure (38%)
5. Opportunity to progress (38%)
6. A positive working environment (32%)
7. A varied workload (29%)
8. Workplace training opportunities (23%)
9. A comprehensive benefits scheme (23%)
10. Not being desk bound the whole day (21%)

The job security of Accountancy illustrated in the research by LV is also supported by official figures from the Office for National Statistics. Over the last 10 years employment levels among accountants have grown by a third, with the only slight drop occurring in 2012, making it a desirable career overall for those who rate job stability highly.

That said, a ‘job for life’ is a thing of the past, with Arlington Resource Management still seeing a number of redundancies in the Accountancy profession, especially in Industry and Commerce.  Fortunately however, new jobs registered on our books have been at strong levels since the turn of the year and continue to be steady as the year progresses.