Lack of skills in young aspiring professionals

Lack of skills in young aspiring professionals

Following a recent exercise to recruit a Graduate for a Trainee Accountant position it was found that a high number of applicants did not have the communication skills required for the job.

This is in line with recent research done by the British Chambers of Commerce. A BCC workforce survey called ‘Developing the Talents of the Next Generation’ states that not enough young people had the required standards of communication and teamwork for the workplace.

Around 3,000 businesses took part in the survey, 76% of these companies state a lack of work experience as one of the key reasons young people are unprepared for work. 57% said that young people are lacking basic ‘soft’ skills, such as communication and team work, to succeed in the working world.

John Longworth, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

“Firms need young people that are resilient, good communicators and understand how to work as part of a team.”

“We believe that successive governments have failed our young people by not properly equipping them for their future careers. Creating artificial targets, such as half of school leavers should go to university, has in the past sent the wrong signal to young people about the employment and training options open to them.”

“But now is the time to break away from the blame game. Government and educational institutions must be more focused on equipping young people for the workplace”

“This isn’t about pointing the finger at young people – it is a joint responsibility between businesses, the education system and government to provide the right skills and support that young people need to make it in the world of work.”