Over-qualified for a role?

Over-qualified for a role?

Have you ever had an employer or recruiter say you're "overqualified" for a job? Can you really be overqualified? You can either do the job, or you can't.

In most cases, the truth is that the employer is simply finding a polite way to say no, quite probably not wanting to elaborate on one of the reasons below:

1. Personality
You were either too upbeat and overpowering or (much more common) too low-key and not out-going enough to fit in.

2. Chemistry
You didn’t connect with the employer; he/she didn’t feel comfortable with you during the interview and/or you might rub staff up the wrong way

3. Presentation
Your presentation (and/or clothing) indicated that you weren't the type of person that would fit in to the organization.

4. Pace
Your voice speed was slow and too thoughtful and gave off the impression that you wouldn't be able to keep up with the pace with the work environment.

5. Salary
Your previous salary was too high and the employer was worried that you'll leave when a better paid job comes along.

6. Reliability
Your answers to questions made it appear like you had issues that would cause you to be unreliable.

7. Inflexibility
You oversold yourself and came across as unwilling to adapt or learn.

8. Institutionalised
You were unable to demonstrate that you have successfully been through change and could adapt to a new environment

9.  Unconvincing
You came across as not having as much expertise as your CV suggested indicated. You didn't answer questions in the way expected.

Leslie Walters at Arlington Resource Management says: "If you have been told more than once that you are over-qualified for a role,  I suggest you get in touch with a Career Coach who can be honest  and impartial and  can see if one of the above reasons applies to you. Most candidates who use coaches are shocked to learn the real reasons for interview rejection and are totally unaware of the impression they are giving "

This article has been adapted from an article by JT O'Donnell, originally on AOL jobs in 2012.